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About Us

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VIP Shadow Protection and Security Services Ltd, is a newly formed company that has nothing to envy from other companies with longer histories.

Our company is focused on providing professional quality and optimal performance security services.​


Our CEO, Marinos Michael is a VIP security and close protection certificate holder, with many years of experience in the field. He has worked in Cyprus and abroad as a bodyguard for VIPs such as politicians, singers, and high profile businessmen. He has personal experience in all of the services supplied by our company and this enables him to know first hand the needs and difficulties that each service entails, knowing exactly what is required and expected for the most efficient handling of each mission. Additionally he has 2 Dan in Karate and has served and successfully completed his term in Underwater Demolitions Teams (Navy Seals) of the Cyprus Military. Last but not least he is a holder of many firearms (pistol, shotgun, and sniper) training certificates.

We strongly believe that safety and security is a basic human right and we ensure the provision of the highest standard of security services to our customers.



We know your situation better than any other. We listen, access and anticipate to keep you safe.




Our well trained personnel have excellent personalities and at the same time are focused and strict providing the maximum security and easy cooperation. 

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