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Our company VIP Shadow Private & Security Services Ltd provides patrolling services on daily basis 24 hours a day, 365 days yearly. We closely monitor the stated areas, coordintating with the control center, with continues updates and taking instructions for handling emergency situations.


Our patrolling services can be carried out by vehicle patrol or foot patrol.

By vehicle patrol we make visible rounds at the property, checking the entire property and parking decks. On foot patrol we make specified number of visits daily checking the property, windows, doors, locks, vehicles. We can also check fuse boxes, safes, fire and smoke detectors, pipes for breaks, water leaks or other abnormalities.


We can also provide customized patrol services such as unlocking and relocking facilities, turn on and off lights so that the property doesn't look abandoned and we respond to alarms, as requested by our customers.

Patrolling services provide special patrolling checkpoints that automate the record keeping of which checkpoints are passed, to make sure that the entire process is carried out successfully.

With VIP Shadow Private & Security Services Ltd, you can feel safe and comfortable at all times even if you are in or out of your property in our country Cyprus. 

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